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The Sourcing is employed in the world of the matters to qualify the act that aims to reduce the general cost of the purchases, while automating the concerned processes. Expression Anglo-saxon (research of a source) used to designate the research action, location and evaluation of a supplier ad hoc, in order to reply to an identified need (in the matter of goods or of services) formulated by a business or by a service or a department of this business.
  • Identify and develop again suppliers to the international one
  • Widen the panel of the apt suppliers for a market
  • "To sell the need" "Marketing of the purchase "
  • Increase of the competition in the panel of the existing suppliers
  • Comparison continues price and quality on the world-wide market
  • Destruction or prevention of the monopolies
  • Discovered of innovations brought by again suppliers
  • The sourcing can consist in to leave another business that hers to manage the party purchase in another country that his, as well as all the activities that about it result (negotiation of the prices, followed and checks merchandise, logistical of transportation and of customs clearance, management of the field service).
ECI is the one of the principal world-wide suppliers in electronic components. The business IMPORTS AND EXPORTS to the WORE, in ASIA, EUROPE and emerging countries.

ECI is the one of the first resources in electronic components, offering very competitive tariffs, notably thanks to of important available stocks with our suppliers and of situated warehouses in the entire world, but also thanks to our services of sourcing and of purchases in real time.
We specialized in the research and the supplying of rare pieces and obsolete products, thanks to a solid bases data grouping together close to 5000 suppliers leaders world-wide.
For more better to serve our customers and facilitate the identification of the stocks, the checks quality and the transport of the components, ECI possesses buyers dabs several countries, that are also your partners to play the role of Central one of Purchases.

The site of ECI brings you a tool palette to high added value, facilitating your research and you allowing winning a precious time. Thanks to the internal search engine, the users can thus attain stocks of originating origin of making ones and of big OEMS mondiaux.Enfin, the website allows sending directly of the "ask quotations" to our teams.

The offer of services of management of surpluses of stocks of ECI leans on a network of certified warehouses ISO 9001:2000, an important team of experienced salesmen, and many partnerships online to return your visible and attractive stocks.
The inventory of surpluses of ECI benefits from an excellent visibility on the available stocks in the world.

Do not hesitate contact us for all your needs in electronic components. Professional teams await your calls.[1],SOT307_2_1_[1],SOT307_2_1_
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